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Common Holly
Ilex aquifolium

English Common Name: Common Holly, English Holly, European Holly

Chinese Name / 植物中文名: 枸骨 (Gǒu gǔ)

Other Local Name: Not available

Family Name: Aquifoliaceae (Holly Family)

Scientific Name: Ilex aquifolium

Synonym: Aquifolium croceum, Aquifolium ferox, Aquifolium heterophyllum, Aquifolium ilex, Aquifolium lanceolatum, Aquifolium planifolium, Aquifolium spinosum, Aquifolium undulatum, Aquifolium vulgare, Ilex balearica

Classification: ‎Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)‎ > ‎Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants Division)‎ > Aquifoliales‎ > ‎Aquifoliaceae‎ (Holly Family) > ‎Ilex

Origin: Europe, Africa, South and West Asia

Growth Habit: Normally short tree that grows to about 10 meters height.

Characteristic: A small evergreen tree with thick, shiny, usually very prickly-edged leaves, small white unisexual flowers and red berries.

Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and lots of watering.

Images Location: Ireland

Ilex aquifolium