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Cannonball Tree
Couroupita guianensis

English Common Name: Cannonball Tree, Ayahuma

Chinese Name / 植物中文名: 炮彈树 (Pàodàn shù)

Other Local Name: Pokok Peluru Meriam (Malaysia),  Nagalingam (India) 

Family Name: Lecythidaceae (Brazil Nut Family)

Scientific Name: Couroupita guianensis

Synonym: Couratari pedicellaris, Couroupita acreensis, Couroupita antillana, Couroupita froesii, Couroupita idolica, Couroupita membranacea, Couroupita peruviana, Couroupita saintcroixiana, Couroupita surinamensis, Couroupita venezuelensis, Lecythis bracteata, Pekea couroupita

Classification: ‎Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)‎ > ‎Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants Division)‎ > Ericales‎ > ‎Lecythidaceae (Brazil Nut Family)‎ > ‎Couroupita

Origin: Tropical America

Growth Habit: Tree

Characteristic: A strange and interesting looking tree that can grows up to about 25 m in height.

Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and moderate watering.

Images Location: Penang, Malaysia

Couroupita guianensis, Cannonball Tree flower Couroupita guianensis, Cannonball Tree Couroupita guianensis, Cannonball Tree seed pod Couroupita guianensis, Cannonball Tree leaves