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Purple Wreath
Petrea volubilis

English Common Name: Purple Wreath, White Petrea; Sandpaper Vine; Queens Wreath

Chinese Name / 中文名: 蓝花藤 (Lán huāténg), 砂纸叶藤 (Shāzhǐ yè téng)

Other Local Name: No information available

Family Name: Verbenaceae

Scientific Name: Petrea volubilis

Synonym: Petrea amazonica, Petrea arborea, Petrea arborescens, Petrea aspera, Petrea atrocoerulea, Petrea colombiana, Petrea fragrantissima, Petrea kohautiana, Petrea mexicana, Petrea nitidula, Petrea ovata, Petrea retusa, Petrea riparia, Petrea rivularis, Petrea serrata, Petrea stapeliae, Petrea subserrata, Petrea subserrata, Petrea swallenii, Petrea vincentina

Classification: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)‎ > ‎Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants Division)‎ > ‎Lamiales‎ > ‎Verbenaceae (Vervain Family)‎ > ‎Petrea‎

Origin: Tropical America

Growth Habit: Climber

Characteristic: A fast-growing, twining, woody climber that produces racemes of star-like purple flowers.

Care Requirements: Prefers partial to full sun and moderate watering.

Images Location: Malaysia

Petrea volubilis Petrea volubilis Petrea volubilis Petrea volubilis