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Mexico Palm
Zamia furfuracea

English Common Name: Cardboard Palm, Mexico Palm

Chinese Name / 中文名: 鳞秕泽米铁 (Lín bǐ zé mǐ tiě)

Family Name: Zamiaceae

Scientific Name: Zamia furfuracea

Classification: Gymnosperms (Seed Plants)‎ > ‎Cycadophyta (Cycad Division)‎ > ‎Cycadales‎ > ‎Zamiaceae (Sago Palm Family)‎ > ‎Zamia

Origin: Mexico

Growth Habit: Shrub

Characteristic: A short cycad with leathery leaves.

Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and little watering.

Images Location: Johor, Malaysia

Zamia furfuracea, Mexican Palm Zamia furfuracea, Mexican Palm