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Chinese Evergreen
Aglaonema modestum

English Common Name: Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Name / 中文名: 广东万年青 (Guǎngdōng wànniánqīng)

Other Local Name: Sri Rezrki (Malaysia)

Family Name: Araceae

Scientific Name: Aglaonema modestum

Synonym: Aglaonema acutispathum, Aglaonema costatum var. viride, Aglaonema laoticum

Classification: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)‎ > ‎Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants Division)‎ > ‎Alismatales‎ > ‎Araceae (Arum Family)‎ > ‎Aglaonema

Origin: Asia

Growth Habit: Shrub

Characteristic: A poisonous herb with large leaves and flower in spadix surrounded by a spathe.

Care Requirements: Prefers semi to full shade and lots of watering.

Pictures Location: Penang, Malaysia

Aglaonema modestum, Chinese Evergreen spathe and spadix Aglaonema modestum, Chinese Evergreen shrub Aglaonema modestum, Chinese Evergreen shrub